Glow Facials

Hydra Glow

For dehydrated inflamed skin

Soak up some hydration! This moisture promoting facial is formulated with hyaluronic acid, green tea extract, aloe vera, and other healing ingredients that hydrate and calm inflamed skin. Gentle extractions follow and our hyaluronic acid mask is then applies for plump as a peach skin. Skin is left invigorated, hydrated, and smooth.


Natural Glow

For that obession worthy glow

Get your glow on courtesy of this fine-line-erasing, dark-spot-removing, game-changing facial. The resurfacing mask infuses the face with vitamins and antioxidants, including green tea and fruit extracts. Our soothing and hydrating mask of hyaluronic acid and anti-inflammatory ingredients then rejuvenates the skin leaving you with naturally radiant skin.


Ageless Glow

Our ultimate anti-aging facial

This facial therapy adapts to fit your every concern — from acne to aging to sun damage. It begins with a gentle yet effective, Japanese mushroom enzyme peel which dissolves away excess dead skin while stimulating blood flow and encouraging natural detoxification. Finally, our high-frequency machine is applied to kill acne-causing bacteria, promote collagen production and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Fatigued skin is given new life, and signs of age melt away.


Unsure Which Facial Is Right For You?

Let Mia, skin expert and esthetician, customize a facial specifically for your skin needs. Come in today for a free consultation (included with your appointment).

*A condensed 30-minute Express version of each facial is available upon request for $50, yet the 60-minute facials listed above are recommended for maximum results.

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